Vietnamese vegetarian food use plenty of tofu, herbs, and spices to combine creativity and flavor into dishes. Many of our vegetarian dishes are made with various vegetables like taro, jicama, onions, among others, then incorporated into other dish such as stir-fries, salad bowls, sandwich fillings, or rice dishes. The condiment that accompanies certain meals are also vegetarian friendly.

Crispy Tofu

Crispy tofu $8

Veggie Stir-fry Noodle

Vege fried noodle $7.5

Veggie Spring

Vege bowl $8

Spicy tofu $8.99

Spicy tofu combo $9

Additional dishes:

  • Vege fried rice – $7
  • Vege sandwich – $3
  • (2) Vege spring rolls – $5
  • (4) Vege fried rolls – $6